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"Our Lives Are Not Negotiable: A Reading Group" blog

  • film

    hey for those interested, I mentioned a film about the aftermath of greece 2008, it's this al jazeera one I was thinking of:

    I haven't seen it

  • riot from wrong-- please forward

    a friend's film premièring in London

    A documentary about the riots made by young people
    check the attachment x pass it on



  • Fri at Millennium - Personal Cinema: Matt Peterson

    Personal Cinema: Matt Peterson

    15 June 2012 - 8PM
    Millennium Film Workshop
    66 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003

    A program of film and video by Matt Peterson, often made in collaboration. Produced along with the collective Red Channels (2009-2011), Dan Meyerson, and others, these works include actualities, assemblages, cinema engage, city portraits, direct cinema, documentaries, essays, screen tests, etc.

    This will be a multi-media presentation/live cinema event, with musical accompaniment and narration for select works, followed by an open discussion.

    --San Francisco Earthquake and Fire - Made with Red Channels, 1906/2009, Film/Video, 17 minutes [with live music]
    --Late Autumn - Made with Dan Meyerson, 2009, DV, 20 minutes [premiere screening]
    --As a Crowd Gathers [excerpt] - Made with Red Channels, 2011, Video, 7 minutes [with live narration]

  • Scenes from a Revolt Sustained: A Reportback from Tunisia

    Scenes from a Revolt Sustained: A Reportback from Tunisia

    5 June 2012 – 7:30PM
    The Brecht Forum
    451 West Street, New York, NY 10014

    This Tuesday we will host a reportback from some comrades who spent some weeks in April traveling around Tunisia, meeting with militants, rebels, anarchists, Stalinists, council communists, unionists, students, unemployed, et al.

    During our trip we tried to meet with those working to continue the revolutionary process, and to hear their analyses on the current situation; going back to the immediate responses to Mohamed Bouazizi’s suicide of December 17th, 2010, and beyond. With very little information on Tunisia ever coming through Western media, we felt a particular void of English-language translations of Tunisian militants. So it was this we tried to document in a feature-length documentary film scheduled to be released this summer.

  • Just out from London! - Please forward/distribute widely

    Please make copies, redistribute-

    (this is  part of a larger book that will be  coming out soon )

  • M1 Manifesto

    From manifestos in an emergency to emergent manifestos. From articulating de Mans to the demand for articulation and back again, lest the closed community eddy into an ant mill circling its own affinities (return of the same of the same of the same return).  The incrementalism of the broken window policy that supposedly keeps contradictions controllable within a localized feedback window fails when it's Windows that gets broken, broken into, hunting for Ether Eggs.  That was the world you saw just now.  Its contradictions are our own, our currency, actualité, à la une.
    As n-1=M+1, we're cloudspeaking a manifesto for May Day.  What do you dream of Gen-Y?
  • anarcho-syndicalism

    hey Zach asked about anarcho-syndicalist texts after Goldman's article we read, randomly surfing teh interwebs I came across this piece by russian anarcho-syndicalist Maksimov, probably an important document for this trend:

    Personally I think it's significant that anarchists like Malatesta were already skeptical of a revolutionary workers movement in the 1920s! That is when unions were actually much more militant. His position is quite subtle though, it's here:

    I think Bookchin summarized some of the complaints of "anti-syndicalist" anarchists well:

    "These Anarchists saw in syndicalism a shift in focus from the commune to the trade union, from all of the oppressed to the industrial proletariat alone, from the streets to the factories, and, in emphasis at least, from insurrection to general strike."

  • new Tiqqun book

    hey some might be interested, new version of Theory of Bloom being put out by Little Black Cart, new anarchist publisher:

  • #Occupy Study Group at the Baltimore Free School

    Some comrades in Baltimore put together this interesting reading list to study Occupy-related stuff:




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